FHD NG – Natural Gas combustion enhancer for bricks and ceramics industry

The FHD-NG pre comb ustion catalyst series is used in a variety of Kilns used in the Brick and Ceramic Industries.

· Increases heating value of natural gas and LPG (propane)
· Achieves a more homogeneous temperature inside Kiln
· Increases equipment efficiency
· Obtains excellent results with low methane concentration gas Increases heat output with same amount of gas
· Reduces calcification deposits and “hot spots”
· Reduces Greenhouse Emissions
· Simple installation options : (direct weld, flanged or bypas)
· Guaranteed fuel savings of at least 2 percent

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The FHD-NG pre combustion catalyst series is used in a variety of Kilns used in the Brick and Ceramic Industries.

The versatility of our technology allows us to work with Car Tunnel, Shuttle, Pusher Plate, Elevator, Mesh Belt, Rotary, Bell, Roller, Bar and Box Kilns.

The design and functionality allows our catalyst to be used in dryers, boilers, furnaces and any application suitable for industrial needs that uses natural gas, propane or any type of fuel.

Our unique technology is versatile in various industrial applications

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The FHD-NG series is used in a variety of applications that utilize as primary fuel source natural gas or propane.
  • Schedule 40 steel for HO-50 to FHD-180
  • Nipple d iameters 3 /8”, 3 /4”, 2 ”, 3” , 4”, 6”, 8”, 10 ”, 12 ” and 14”
  • Available NPT or straight for welding with or without flange
  • Designed t o withstand 350 PSI/24 Bar
  • Maximum pressure at 300°F/148°C
  • Delta P pressure drop up to 5psi
  • 20,000 operating hours design
  • Product is made to customer specification
  • Acrylic yellow paint
  • Smaller & larger units available
Gas Flow Capabilities per Model
Popular Models Dimensions and Weight Characteristics
FHD5 – Sample Diagram
FHD30 – Sample Diagram

Our Customers

Our clients range from industrial and comercial Bricks and Ceramics industry to Fortune 500 companies to local Marine, Industrial, Mining & Construction or Power & Heat Generation companies as well as Military.


2 Car Tunnel Kilns | Brick Plant Location: North Carolina, USA | 3% Operating Expense Reduction 

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Roller Kiln | Ceramic Plant Location: Dubai, UEA | Operating Expense Reduction: 3 Percent | Fuel Savings: 6.3 Percent

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