HO / FHD Natural Gas & Propane Systems

Fitch Fuel Catalyst for reduction of gas consumption for any application that uses Natural Gas and Propane.

Reduces fuel consumption by 5-14%!!

· Reformulating natural gas and propane
· No maintenance
· No moving parts
· No magnets
· Excellent results with low methane concentration gas
· Increase heat output with same amount of gas
· Reduce calcification of deposits in injectors and heat chambers
· Mounting into gas lines with or without bypass
· Direct welding into line or with flange option
· Low pressure loss



The FHD-NG series is used in a variety of applications that utilize as primary fuel source natural gas or propane.

The versatility of our technology allows us to work with Steam Burners, Boilers, Furnaces, Turbines and/or Generators.

The design and functionality allows our Catalyst to be used in Dryers, Boilers, Furnaces and any application suitable for industrial needs that uses natural gas or propane.

*Or any other application not mentioned above.

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The FHD-NG series is used in a variety of applications that utilize as primary fuel source natural gas or propane.

· HO50-NG: 3” OD x 10”
· HO75-NG: 3” OD x 151/2
· 3/4” NPT Threaded End Cap
· Schedule 40 steel for HO-50 to FHD-180
· Nipple Diameters 3/8”, 3/4”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”
· Available NPT or straight for welding with or without flange Designed to withstand 350 PSI/24 Bar
· Maximum pressure at 300°F/148°C
· Minimum pressure drop: 1.5psi
· 20,000 operating hours design
· Product is made to customer specification
· Acrylic yellow paint
· Smaller & Larger units available

Gas Flow Capabilities per Model
Popular Models Dimensions and Weight Characteristics
FHD30 – Sample Diagram
FHD30 NG – Instalation in Boiler from Corporation Trayal, Kruševac, Serbia


TRAYAL, Serbia – 6.2% Efficiency Increase in NG Boiler

» Read the Success Case

BUDERUS, Bosnia – Natural Gas Plant 11,4% Saving

» Read the Success Case

AGROSUPER, Chile – 3 to 5% Savings in Boilers

» Read the Success Case

ITG – Imperial Tobacco – USA – Babcock and Wilcox Boiler 75,000 BTU

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FHD Models for applications that use diesel or biodiesel.
FHD-UL Models for applications that use Heating Oil or Heavy Fuel Oil.
FHD-HP Model for high pressure & high temperature applications that use Diesel, Biodiesel, Heating Oil or Heavy Fuel Oil.

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