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Fitch Fuel Catalyst for reduction of fuel consumption and green house gases in mining and construction equipment.

Reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%!!
Excellent results with various fuel types: Diesel, Fuel Oil, Heavy Oil 
#2, #4, #6.

Mobile and stationary machinery: Haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, drills, crushers, grinders, generators or any other combustion equipment.

· No maintenance for lighter fuel

· Minimum maintenance for heavy fuels
· No moving parts
· Easy to install
· Cetane number is increased
· Improves lubricity
· No significant pressure loss

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Install it anywhere on the fuel line!

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a permanent fuel treatment device that:

  • Reformulates fuel
  • Resuscitates partially oxidized fuel and
  • Suppresses growth of bacteria in fuels
Heavy Duty Permanent Fuel Treatment Technology For Diesel Fuel (DF2), Bio-Diesel Fuel Oil, Gasoline, E85 and Propane.

Thousands of operating hours and/or millions of miles traveled represents millions of gallons of fuel, thousands of barrels of lubricants and tens of thousands of man hours for maintenance. Savings for motor oil which will last longer due to a cleaner, cooler operating engine. The resultant efficiencies include less wear, less time and cost for maintenance, less down time and a major increase in travel time between overhauls.

The product is warranted for 500,000 miles, 10,000 hours. It pays for itself many times over!
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RTB Bor Group – Mining and Smelting Complex Bor.

Ul. Đorđa Vajferta br. 29, 19210 Bor

To whom so ever it may concern,
This is to certify that COMET Fuel Saving System,containing fuel reformer Fitch Fuel Catalyst, has been installed on vehicle BELAZ 75306 with engine Cummins QSK60-C (1715/2300 KW/HP) in the Copper mine “Veliki Krivelj” within the Copper Mine Bor. We tested the system for three months, the performance of COMET Fuel Saving system has been very good and about 7% saving achived.

We appreciate the green energy efforts of COMET Fuel Saving System, toward reducing the fuel consumption, black smoke and carbon emission.

In Bor 25.01.2017. The head of mining production
Anicic Nemanja, Graduated traffic engeneer

» READ THE LETTER - Cummins QSK60-C Motor - Copper Mining Serbia


..16% reduction in oil consumption!

With over 400 locations, Old Castle Materials Inc. is the largest asphalt processor in the US. They recently installed Fitch technology on another plant in their system recording a 16% reduction in oil consumption. As important, they significantly reduced carbon build up which is the source of maintenance problems and unscheduled downtime. Unscheduled downtime means lost sales as their customers turn to competitors to meet their daily asphalt needs.


The Fitch Fuel Catalyst ensures that fuel is in its optimal condition for combustion, allowing an engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with the minimum emissions per Kg of Fuel.

1. Easier Starting: Especially cold starting
2. Increased fuel economy/ extended operating hours
3. Reduces Gelling and Diesel Bug
4. Reduced Emissions: Less carbon build up on plugs, reduces stack smoke, reduces soot contamination to oil (many save one or more oil changes per year on an entire fleet.)
5. Reduces Maintenance Expenses
6. Return on Investment: based on average truck fleet usage & heavy equipment.
7. An oil analysis using Fitch will reflect the following:
– Reduction in Wear Metals Dropped w/Fitch
– Iron Dropped w/Fitch
– Lead Dropped w/Fitch
– Soot is down w/Fitch
– Fuel present in oil dropped w/Fitch

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